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US Number Buy

Actual US Phone Number United States/Dialing codes


 US phone numbers typically contain 11 digits. The USA’s country code is +1.

In what format is a US phone number valid?

 US phone numbers typically contain 11 characters. These include 1-digit country codes and 3-digit area codes. A 7-digit number also consists of a 3-digit central or central code and a 4-digit subscriber.

What is the best way to insert a US phone number into your system?

For phone numbers to be formatted in Canada, the US, or any other NANP (North American Numbing Plan), you must include the area code in parentheses. Then, you will need to add a nonbreaking space between the three-digit exchange numbers and then hyphenate them. Then, combine the four-digit number and the four-digit number.

All US Telephone Numbers are 10 Digits

General: There are ten digits to the American phone number standard. These initial three digits are used to identify the phone’s location. The North American Numbering Plan (or NANP) is a numbering system that provides telephone numbers to 25 countries. Some North American countries are not included in the NANP, such as Mexico.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company established the NANP in the 1940s to serve the Bell System and North American independent telephone operators. The Federal Communications Commission purchased this agency in the private sector. The NANP divides its member territories into numbering areas (414 area code and 450 area code).

Numbering plan

The North American Numbering Plan (or) was designed to allow telephone subscribers from Canada and the United States to dial their numbers without assistance. This plan was also meant to make it easier for local telephone companies to make system changes. You will be trying the services help of our customers Ajoxi and Call Nation.

Numbering plan areas, central offices

The new numbering system separated the North American continent into regions. These areas follow the U.S. and Canadian borders.

 Telephone exchanges, local exchange points, and central offices were all included in the nationwide system. Operators and subscribers used this combination of NPA and principal office codes to locate any central agency via a switching system. The numbering plan could limit each NPA to 540 main offices.

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